Pre-Preparatory School

The Villa Pre-Prep is a small and friendly school with children joining us for Reception, Year One and Year Two. We believe that school should be a positive, happy and stimulating experience where the needs of each child are respected.

We recognise that the early years at nursery and school are a crucial period of development in childhood and as a result our guiding ethos is one of support and care. At the same time we equip children with all the tools they need educationally, emotionally and socially as they prepare to leave us at the age of seven.

Children at The Villa benefit from our high teacher-pupil ratio, which gives us the freedom to extend and enrich the curriculum and study topics in greater depth, with a focus on pastoral care.  Every child is treated as an individual and we have an open and honest approach to communication with parents.

We achieve excellent results by remaining true to our beliefs and supporting every child to develop talents and passions to excel in the classroom and their future learning journey.

Our Values


We aim to provide an exceptionally caring and friendly environment as the happiness and well-being of the children in our care is our top priority.


We aim to develop children’s self esteem and confidence in their own ability to become successful learners, in a fun and inspirational way.


We promote good behaviour in a fair and consistent way so that children feel secure and develop an understanding of right and wrong.


We provide the right balance of education and care to prepare them emotionally and academically for the transition to more formal learning.

Encouragement & praise

We encourage learning through play, with activities that stimulate each individual child’s natural curiosity, in an atmosphere of encouragement and praise.


We encourage consideration for others, honesty, kindness, empathy, independence, creativity, imagination and collaboration in both work and play.


We aim to provide an all round education by focusing on a child’s physical, emotional, intellectual and social development.


We recognise that good communication with parents is vital to the success of everything we achieve.