We have a passion for food

We provide children with a healthy balanced diet and all our meals are freshly prepared on the premises daily. Wherever possible, we use organic ingredients and are proud to support our local providers for both meat and fish. A range of fresh vegetables, home-made salads and fresh fruit are provided every day and we have a three-week rotating menu. 

Puddings and cakes are baked on-site to control sugar content and strict measures are in place to cater for any allergies.

Children in both the Nursery and School sit down together with their friends to enjoy their meals which is an important and enjoyable opportunity for social interaction. Being served a warm, delicious cooked meal gives our children the vital energy they need to keep them going through the day, especially during the winter months.

Our menu is overseen by our Proprietor, who is a Consultant Paediatrician, to ensure that it offers the best possible nutrition for children of this age group.

Many children start their day with us at 8am and breakfast is provided, and for those being collected at 6pm, we provide a light tea.