After The Villa

We pride ourselves on providing a broad and balanced curriculum which will prepare the children for their future educational journey, whether this be in the Independent or State sector

Destinations after The Villa

At seven years of age, our children are very confident, articulate and self-assured. We achieve these results through a carefully planned, child centred curriculum which engages children so they can realise their full potential and flourish at their future school.

The children who apply to independent schools are generally offered several places. Offers to independent schools include Alleyn’s, Dulwich College, Dulwich Prep London, Oakfield, JAGS, St Dunstan’s College and Sydenham High School. The choice of school applications varies each year depending on many factors, such as family location, parental preference for single sex or co-ed education, siblings and the number of places available. 

We have strong links with our surrounding independent schools to ensure that the transition to their new school is a smooth process.  In the Spring Term of Year 1, we hold an information evening for our Year 1 parents to explain the different entrance procedures as well as providing a summary of key dates for the application process.  We meet each family in the Summer term of Year 1 to discuss which schools we feel would be most suitable for their child and what further support or guidance we can provide.  We meet again with each family at the start of Year 2 to finalise their applications.

Some of our families choose to invest in their child’s early years’ education to nurture their child into a confident, independent learner in a smaller environment such as The Villa, with the knowledge that their child will move into the State Sector at the end of Year 2.  We agree that a child’s Early Years education is vital and lays the foundation for their future success.  We guide parents through the process of applying to local state schools for Year 3 as this is very dependent on where the family lives and the availability of spaces. 

The offers received by our Year 2 graduates are as follows:

July Graduates 7+ 2024 2023 2022 2021 2020
St Dunstan’s 54 1   3   4
Sydenham High 33 2 3   2
Dulwich College 22 3 1
JAGS     1
Dulwich Prep London 13 2 1
Alleyn’s Junior School 1 3     1
City of London Junior School1
Oakfield 1 2   1
Other Independent schools 21   2    
Local State schools 2 1 1
Out of area   2 1
Total Graduates 1011 8 17 12